Erotic massage - what is it and which one is perfect for you?

Erotic massage

While massages exist since the early ages of human history, they were never as popular as they are today. No matter where you live, there are massage studios around, so you only need to pick the right one. Still, there is a bit of stigma involving massages, as many think that it's something meant only for sports persons or people with serious back problems. The truth is, no matter how healthy you are, having a massage will make you feel much better. Taking care of your body is never a waste of time and money, and once you try a massage, you'll figure out why. But why stop there? You could experience something even better that is still a privilege of a select number of people, and that is an erotic massage provided by escorts. You probably know about it, but maybe you've never tried it because you don't know what's on offer and what type of massage you need. After all, we all have different needs, and when you are devoting time, and your hard earned cash, you need to get the best possible experience.

What are the erotic massages?

While regular massages will no doubt help your body and soul feel better, erotic massages are taking things to another level. They are especially popular among business people and everyone who are working incredibly hard and don't have much time to relax. Erotic massages will not only make your body heal itself, but you'll also forget about your daily worries. Today we'll talk about different massages, but you should know that they have some things in common. In erotic massage, both you and your masseuse will be naked, and she'll use her whole body to make you feel better. You are even encouraged to touch her and at the end of it, you'll climax for the perfect finish. Without further ado, let's learn about the most popular erotic massages.

Tantra erotic massage

Tantra massage is often associated with erotic massages, and that says a lot about it. Tantra combines different aspects of Yoga and Bioenergetics, but it comes in various forms. While the idea of it is to make your body relaxed, it is also believed that it will help you release emotional and spiritual energy. This is the type of massage that will make all your senses come to life. How does it work? First thing you should know is that you are in good hands, as the erotic masseuse is still trained by professionals, so she'll know how to make you feel better like in regular massage studios, while also providing you additional value. As she enters the room naked, you'll already feel that this will be something special. After putting hot towels on your body to make it relaxed and more comfortable to work with, she'll use aromatic oils that will stimulate you in every way. This is the type of massage that combines both soft and firm touches. As it goes on, you'll realize that your sexual energy is growing, as hands of your masseuse will focus on erotogenic points of your body, like feet, abdomen, and even crotch. The accumulated sexual energy will be released as your masseuse will lead you to intense orgasm like you never experienced before. But even more importantly, the effect will last at least a few days, and suddenly, your work and everyday problems won't be such a hassle anymore.

Nuru erotic massage

Nuru massage comes from Japan, and translated it means both "slippery" and "smooth." As you can guess, this type of massage is all about covering your entire body with oils and is a great way to release stress. You'll especially love Nuru gel, which has a pleasant smell but also enhances the pleasure. After you warm your body by going under the hot shower, your escort masseuse with rub gel all over you but also her body, as she'll use it as a tool to make you feel better. The idea here is to focus on your sensible zones and to accumulate your sexual energy. While other erotic massages will make you orgasm at the end, here it may come even sooner. If that happens, be aware that it's perfectly normal. At the end of Nuru massage, you'll feel both refreshed and relaxed.

Four Hands massage

While every type of massage has its benefits, there is a reason why four hands massage is often called "Number One Massage." The name should tell you everything, as in this case, two gorgeous masseuses will work on your body, making you feel like the king. While two hands are more than enough to make you feel great, an additional pair will move things to another level. There are two types of Four Hands massage - synchronous and nonsynchronous. Still, you shouldn't think too hard about it. The best idea is to try both methods, and your masseuse will be happy to provide it. The main focus here is on hips, pelvis, and lower back, but sensitive areas will be worked on intensely. You masseuse knows that this will help your brain make a vast amount of endorphins. While this is a massage that could be enjoyed by everyone, we especially recommended it if you have problems with spasms, slow blood circulation or blood pressure. Finally, if you have issues with sexual dysfunction, Four Hands massage is something you must try. Even common problems like headaches or swelling could be healed this way. So while this is a relaxing massage that will finish with a happy ending, it will also do serious work on your body and will help it heal. It's almost impossible to explain how well you'll feel, but it will be worth both of your time and money.

Body To Body massage

So, you are about to have your first erotic massage, and you are still not sure which one would you need? The safest option for your first time is Body To Body massage! Rather than having unique selling points, this type of massage combines the best practices of other massages. Like in Nuru massage, your naked masseuse will use her entire body to make you feel better, with help from sensual oils. This is a great massage if you don't have any specific point to focus, as masseuse will devote the time to your entire body, going from your toes to the top of your head. She'll use her hands, breasts, thighs, or feet to apply the pressure, and as you start to feel better, you'll also notice that your sexual energy is going up. This massage will help you to have better control of your sexuality, and at the end of it, you'll experience intense orgasm. Other benefits include boosted blood circulation, cutting down stress level, or helping you have a better sleep.

Prostate massage

Everyone knows about G-spot, but are you aware that males have P-spot which enhances the orgasms if stimulated the right way? The problem is, P-spot involves someone messing with your rectum, so most men are afraid to try it. Still, if you are open minded, the result will be worth it! This type of massage is not an individual one, meaning you can request it to be a part of other massages we mentioned so far. If you do, your masseuse will give you one at the end of the session. As every erotic massage session ends with an orgasm, this way you'll move things to another level. If you've never experienced it before, once you try it, you'll always come back for more. It's a natural way to stimulate your orgasm, and once you do realize it, everything will make perfect sense. Male orgasm as scientifically proved not to be as intense as female ones, but with Prostate massage, that gap will be closed, and you'll feel relaxed and accomplished.

A whole new level of excitement

While we recommend visiting any respectable massage studios from time to time, erotic massages provided by escorts will give you all the same benefits plus the excitement and happy endings. Unlike regular massages which are quite limited, erotic massages are free-flowing, as your masseuse will use her naked body to make you feel better. The erotic masseuses are professionally trained, so even though you are guaranteed a happy ending, at the same time your entire body and soul will feel better. Also, the effect of erotic massage will last for at least a few days, and you'll do your daily tasks much easier than before. Our final advice is to pick the perfect massage for your body, and if you are not sure what you need, ask your masseuse to give you a piece of advice. Be a part of successful and open-minded people and take your pleasure to a whole new level that is still not known by many. It's never too late to start enjoying erotic massages, and once you do, you'll always want to come back!