VIP Escort Nijmegen

Nijmegen Facts

As one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands, Nijmegen is a location that carries a great deal of history both today and in the past. At the time of writing, this city was seen by many as a real throwback to a different era, with varying forms of architecture throughout the city making the whole location come to life like never before. The Holy Roman Emperor, Henry VI, was born here for example – it’s a city with a rich culture and heritage, and one that is well worth your time to come and visit if you have never been before.

The main charms of the town include its welcoming architecture and its prolonged heritage – checking out all of the local sights and ruins of old buildings gives you a real appreciation of the depth of artwork and class taken place in this city. As the years have gone by, the city has continued to develop in this manner with many artistic and creative images appearing across the city.

In 2005, the city celebrated 2,000 years of existence and therefore holds massive historical significance in the region and across the whole of the Netherlands, is one of its very first cities created.

Things to Do in this city

There are many things to do in this interesting city, of which the most common would likely be to go and visit many of the old historical remains that have built up around the city. If you are coming here with a VIP escort Nijmegen you might not want to go sightseeing, but you can easily spend the day with the comfort of a few drinks and a bite to eat in one of the many resorts open to you. Find out more about our agency and our escort services.

Simply have a look around and see what else in the city captures your attention, as there are many great choices to pick from. If you happen to arrive here in July, you can see or take part in the Four Days march. This undertakes four days of walking anything from 30-50km in a day. It draws people from all across the world and makes a huge interesting spectacle to see.

Local Landmarks to visit with the Nijmegen escorts

The city itself is loaded with great museums and local landmarks, for example, the old city walls are seen near the newly built casino. Likewise, the Valkhof Museum still stands today and gives you an easy way to understand and enjoy the history of this wonderful city in one place. It even includes many artifacts from the old Roman era, giving you something easy to remember and enjoy about this charming little city.

Another popular landmark is the old Carolingian chapel, found in Valkhof. It was built in the ninth century AD and carried a fantastic look, reminding us of the old Imperial look of this fine city.

Hiring an Escort in Nijmegen

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