Special Train Fantasy

Special Train Fantasy

I am a woman who travels a lot by car, by plane and by train. Today I will share with you one of the most intense experiences that I have ever encounter. It was a late night, I was tired after a long day. I needed to take the train for an 8 hours trip, good thing that I booked a sleeping cabin. I arrive at the train station: 30 minutes train delay. Besides of being tired, now I am angry too. I go and buy myself a coffee, then head straight to the waiting room. It was almost empty, just a few people staying and waiting, probably the same train as me. I choose a chair to sit down and I start wasting time on my phone, looking up from time to time to see what other people are doing and when the train will arrive. Suddenly, I saw a classy man, well-dressed and imposing. I could feel how my blood flows through my whole body and that was the time I knew I want him.

I decided to go and talk to him. Having a job as an escort helps me in my real life. I am very sociable and I can read people very easily. We talked for a few, long minutes when suddenly my train is announced. I excuse myself and tell him I need to go because the train I am waiting for will arrive soon. He smiled, took my hand, looked me in the eyes and said: "I am waiting the same train as you". We boarded the train and then proceed to my place.

- I will stay here.
- That's perfect because my seat is only a few cabins in front. Maybe I can stay with you if you want, since there is almost nobody in this train. We can stay together and the time will pass easier.
I could feel how I am getting more and more excited and couldn't wait until the train controller will come to check our tickets.
- Of course you can stay, come in, I booked the whole sleeping cabin, I don't like to share my private space with some other people, but you are the only exception.
The temperature in the train compartment was very high and after the train controller come to check out our tickets, I went and lock the door.
- It's too hot here, don't you think?
- Yes, maybe we should take down your blouse.

I started undressing myself, first I slowly took off my blouse, and then my pants easily fell down. I started touching myself in front of him and I help him take his clothes off. Then I started dancing and touching his nicely shaped body. He started kissing my breasts and my whole body was tripping in his hands. I knew that was the beginning of a night I will never regret. We spent an unforgettable time together and we often meet in that train station and relive that adventure.

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