Amsterdam City Guide - sightseeing with a local escort

Amsterdam City Guide - sightseeing with a local escort

Amsterdam is a compact city that has a lot going on. It is the capital of the Netherlands and it has the charm and the grace of a small city and it widely known for its liberal ways and friendly demeanor. Amsterdam is the creative and cultural center of the Netherlands and it is known for its escort services, architecture, canals, history and its long association with arts and culture. For travelers of all ages, there is something for everybody in Amsterdam.

The City of Amsterdam

Amsterdam became and actual city around 1300 and by that time it was home to a busy fish market. Development of Amsterdam continued, especially towards the end of the 15th century. Amsterdam continued to grow and be prosperous, and was an important hub for trading, especially during the 17th century.

Today, Amsterdam has grown and has several different neighborhoods, two of which are designated as World Heritage Sites. There are nine districts, or neighborhoods in Amsterdam and the most popular with tourists are Old Centre, Jordaan, Plantage, and South.

Amsterdam is a cultural hub for locals and travelers alike. Amsterdam is certainly beautiful; it features over 1,500 bridges that span the canals. For old world charm and grace, Amsterdam’s architecture will not disappoint. Getting around Amsterdam is fun and easy with any of our girls listed on our website. Many people to walk, taking in the sites of the city. The best way to experience Amsterdam is at a leisurely pace, especially if you are in the historic center, where using a car is not advised. Narrow streets and the sheer number of bicycles and pedestrians make driving frustrating.

The best way to get around Amsterdam is by renting a bicycle or a scooter. Both bicycles and scooters can be used on the ferries and bicycles can be taken on the tram and the metro for a fee or our special arrangment with a luxurious limousine. For visitors wishing to travel via the canals, you can rent a boat. Several ferries also operate in Amsterdam to help you get around.

Amsterdam Highlights

Amsterdam is known for a laid-back casual attitude and attracts tourists from around the world. From museums to bars, there is always something to see and do in the city of Amsterdam. Most of the residents speak Dutch and English, which is another big draw for tourists.

The architecture and scenery are big draws for tourists. Old Centre is knows for the traditional architecture and the Canal Ring is always idyllic and will offer ample photo opportunities. Canal cruises are always a good choice and there are plenty of companies that offer cruises or you can rent a boat and take your time exploring.

You will find churches, parks, gardens, street markets, wineries, zoos, museums and more in Amsterdam. The only problem is trying to narrow down what you would like to do each day.

One of Amsterdam’s most notable areas is the Red Light District. For those out for a night of fun, the area features many bars, shops, and peep shows as well as the prostitutes. Because it is in the oldest part of the city, there is also a variety of restaurants, bars, museums and historical buildings. If you do not have small children with you, it is very much worth a visit to this part of the city.

It is important to note that in Amsterdam, a coffeeshop is not a café. There are roughly 250 coffeeshops in Amsterdam where customers may smoke cannabis or hash. This liberal drug policy is why Amsterdam is also home to a significant amount of counter-culture.

Things to Do with your favorite escort girl

There are many things to do in Amsterdam; here are some of the top things to do.

Museums: Amsterdam Museum I the Old City Center, Anne Frank’s house in the Western Canal Ring, Heineken Experience in the Pijp, Magere Brug drawbridge in the Eastern Canal Ring, NEMO Science and Technology center in Waterfront, Rijksmuseum in the Museum District, Van Gogh Museum in the Museum District and Waterpark, a beautiful park in Waterfront.


With over 1,000 restaurants in Amsterdam, there is no shortage of places and cuisines to choose from. It would be impossible to list them all but there are certainly restaurants from fast and friendly to expensive and posh in every neighborhood.

Some recommended offerings are Bolenius in the Museum District, Café Luxembourg in the Old City Center, Ciel Bleu, a two Michelin star restaurant is located in the Pijp district, Gartine in the Old City Center are just a few of the excellent food offerings to be found in Amsterdam.


Naturally, there are ample hotels in Amsterdam to accommodate the tourists and there is something for all budgets in Amsterdam.

For students and backpackers, the Flying Pig Uptown Hostel located in the Museum District is a good choice. The value is good, the vibe is fun and relaxed and it is affordable.

For low to medium budget hotel offerings, consider staying at the Concert Hotel in the Museum District, the CitizenM in the Pijp district, or the Canal House in the Jordaan district.

Medium to expensive hotels that are recommended are the Hotel de l’Europe in the Old City Center, Ambassade in the Western Canal Ring district, Hotel Roemer in the Museum District, and the InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam in the Eastern Canal Ring.

Bars and Nightlife

Amsterdam has a diverse nightlife and bar scene, including clubs that cater to all ages and music types. If you love music and dance, you will not be disappointed by the offerings that Amsterdam has to offer.

Recommended Clubs

Club AIR – Club AIR is a large dance club that caters to a wide variety of music types. The club features exceptional audio-visual equipment, which just adds to the experience. There are two smoking areas and five bars as well lockers so personal belongings can be stored. The different bars all feature different layouts and atmospheres, which is why the clientele is so diverse.

Club Escape – Club escape has been a crowd pleaser since 1986. The club has several areas including a TV studio, lounge club, a café, the main club venue and a deluxe section of the club, known as Escape deLux, which overlooks the dance floor. For larger crowds, Club Escape is what you want but if you want a smaller club experience, try E-Lounge, a smaller venue that is free to enter.

Best Bars

Although Amsterdam has no shortage of bars, there are some that should be on any traveler’s must see list and these include:

Tales & Spirits – This newer bar is located behind Singel Canal and you will find a bar that is decorated with paraphernalia that dates back to Prohibition.

Café ‘t Papeneiland – This is a classic pub that dates back to the 17th century. A must see for anybody wanting to sit and soak in the atmosphere.

Proeflokaal Arendsnest – This is a beer bar that features Dutch beers only and you will find around 100 delicious brews to choose from. If you want an authentic experience, why not sample the local beers

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